The project ‘RecreaMATHS’, is intending to shift the teaching of mathematics to kindergarten, by providing the kindergarten educators with innovative and meaningful non-formal STEM education tools.

By employing i.e. “game-based pedagogies” and “experiential learning” as well as by assimilating the concept of “mathematical exhibitions/ math exhibits” to conceptualize both the work and vision of the most reputable Math Museums worldwide, the project RecreaMATHS aspires to bring math museum-oriented methodologies in kindergarten classrooms. It will engage children by developing and strengthening a new language, different from the school language and the scientific popularization.


The outputs of the project are:

  • The RecreaMATHS Methodological Guide
  • Approaching early mathematical concepts and reasoning through mathematical E-books; The Creation kit
  • Bringing math museums’ approaches in kindergartens; The RecreaMATHS collection of Mathematical exhibits for Kindergartens
  • 3D Modelling for threedimensional RecreaMATHS exhibits


Our partners in the project: