Access to art and culture is part of the basic skills and can allow different and complementary learning of basic skills such as reading and writing. But to be truly inclusive, image accessibility must include people with special needs (people with little or no qualifications, people with DYS or disability problems, etc.).



This is why we created TEAM of ART. This project wishes to question the accessibility of the images, as well as the accessibility of the text and presentation, by proposing a narrative and visual experimentation in the presentation of works of art for learners with little or no qualifications, with specific needs.


The outputs of the project:

  • O1 | The Platform “The European Accessible Museum”
  • O2 |The Digital Visual Narrative Exhibitions: 120 animated and scrolled artworks
  • O3 |10 Pedagogical dossiers
  • O4 |30 Practice sheets
  • O5 |Art keywords: an accessible Glossary
  • O6 | The pedagogical Guide


Our partners: