The Virtual Museum of STEM

The project partners wish to create the first European virtual museum for STEM education at secondary level, that will include the needs of students with learning disorders.
The rationale is to offer an experience that is immersive, interactive and engaging. As in a real museum, the students will be able to go and see what they wish, and to spend as much time exploring the notions and elements presented. To make sure it is useful for school education, it will come with supporting material to help teachers make the most of the tools provided, and guidance to link what it presented in the museum with the STEM programs. The Museum will be accessible from a regular web browser and not limited to virtual reality to make sure it is usable by most.

The practical results of this project will be:
  • the creation of the first European entirely virtual STEM museum
  • a pedagogical guide on virtual museums and their benefits for STEM education, including a chapter gathering teachers’ expectations and testimonies
  • a virtual STEM exhibition creation guide, to share the method developed in the project with anybody wishing to replicate a similar experiment (for other topics, etc)
  • a short user’s guide for teachers to know how to integrate the use of the museum in their practice
  • 60 virtual collections related to the STEM program in secondary education, organised in 4 collections:
      • the Science Exhibition (20 collections)
      • the Exhibition of Technological Advancements (10 collections)
      • the Contemporary Engineering Collections (20 collections)
      • the Exhibition of Hidden Mathematics (10 collections)

All these tools will be available in the 5 languages of the project: English, French, Greek, Croatian, Portuguese


Our partners in this project: