Tools For Inclusive Education

The ToFIE project aims to develop a more inclusive education system with the purpose of fostering a committed and professional environment in higher education in order to help teachers integrate good practice and new methods to support students with specific learning difficulties and also foreign students studying in a foreign language. Often teachers do not have specific training to help and support students with special needs, which makes the task of supporting these students much more difficult. Yet they play a very important role in the inclusion of students and their future. The project aims to develop the skills of educators by providing them with a clear and compact set of resources containing information on the most common learning disabilities, their characteristics, tools and advice on how to better interact with students.

The goal is to help better manage inclusion and diversity through the use of appropriate methods and tools to promote equality, social inclusion, diversity and non-discrimination.

Project tools:

  • A Handbook on inclusion tools
  • Learning Disabilities Training Course for Educators


Our partners in this project: