This project is dedicated to the Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) known as “Dys”: dyslexia, dysphasia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, (also known as “Developmental coordination disorder” or DCD). The objective of this project is to offer a platform dedicated to the support of basic skills development for children with DYS from 6 to 12 years old as well as a pre-testing tool that will support the early detection.

To do so, a dedicated LMS platform will be developed and it will propose specific levels of exercises related to the academic program of the learners. The subjects approached will be part of the key competencies kids in primary school need to acquire regarding reading, writing, speaking, STEM and general knowledge. Thanks to this digital LMS platform, the learners will be able to practice remotely from school and will feel more autonomous, engaged, in a stress-free and gamified environment.


The partners will develop the following outputs:

    • IO.1 The LMS platform
    • IO2. Reading-Writing-Speaking Module
    • IO3. STEM Module
    • IO4. General Knowledge Module
    • IO5. Pre-testing module
    • IO6. The user guide


Our partners: