The VISITOR (VIrtual muSeums In The cOvid eRa) project aims to provide a practical solution in order to counter the absence of cultural visits to museums and exhibitions. The project partners have identified the need to train teachers and provide them with digital learning opportunities on how to use digital training resources effectively in order to create educational scenarios.

The project goes beyond the state of the art and will train the teachers on how to make the most of the digital technology in the interest of the school community and exploit the resources that are at the disposal of education. The pandemic has forced the museums to be quickly digitized, so technology advancement offers the opportunity to provide integrated knowledge to the student through experiential learning and in parallel a tool to be exploited by the school community.



The objective is to fill in the aforementioned educational gap through the effective use of:

  • a digital museum exhibits content aggregator and toolkit
  • a digital application for virtual tours, exemplar use cases (including citizen science and related resources)
  • a training course for the school community for them to unite the digital material made openly available by museums and virtual tours.


Our partners in this project: