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Through our work, research, and collaboration with international education experts in the frames of the EdComix Erasmus+ project, we are proud to present our online course on comic creation for English language teaching!

The EdComix E-learning module aims to train teachers and educators in creating inclusive comics for the English language in secondary education. It is a 25-hours, freely available online course, which provides a theoretical framework with practical guidelines and useful resources, to help teachers introducing and creating digital comic creation for their classroom. The course covers two levels of users: those who have not prior knowledge or experience in using comics in their classroom, and the more advanced trainers who would like to expand their knowledge in using comics and in digital graphic design techniques. In addition, the course focuses on inclusion in the usage of comics for learners with learning difficulties such as Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), but also on topics such as fighting prejudices and overcome cultural barriers or stereotypes. Thus, it proposes an adaptation of the comic’s content for the different kinds of audience (such as SLDs), aiming to support inclusive education and spread inclusion best practices to teachers.

This is the first training module existing on the topic of storytelling and storyboarding aimed at teachers and educators. The objective is to guide trainers in creating their own comics from scratch, including all the digital and multimedia methods and resources. Moreover, following this course teachers will have the opportunity to develop their digital skills in order to create their own content or find additional resources. It will also help them develop and use basic digital graphism elements or tools as it provides further content in terms of technical creation of the tools of the comics, strengthening storytelling techniques for education, knowledge on how to use vector images, how to find additional resources online, etc. Additionally, by completing the module, trainers will be awarded with 1 ECVET point and a certificate of participation.

The module consists of 24 lessons divided into four parts:

  • PART 1: Introduction to comics for language learning
  • PART 2:  Imagining comics for your lessons
  • PART 3: Creating comics
  • PART 4: Keep creating and go further!

Have a look on the detailed program presented here.

To support learners, the module provides tutorials such as ready-to-use worksheets and videos:

Furthermore, at the end of the module there is an Evaluation Quiz so that participants can test the new-gained knowledge:

Are you a teacher exploring comics potential as a part of your teaching practice?

Check the EdComix E-learning module today and learn more about this engaging and creative learning process, with clear guidance, examples, and recommendations for adaptive and inclusive content!

No need to sign up! Just visit our EdComix website and simply follow the online course here.

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An Erasmus+ project

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In collaboration with: YuzuPulse, ‘Mihai Bacescu’ Technical College, Areadne, Babel idiomas, Citizens in Power


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