POEME – “Project leading to an Exhibition for the incorporation of Migrant children into the European school frameworks”, aims to provide digital tools to equip language teachers, local students and migrants students by taking into account current trends in education. The project want to engage secondary education institutions; it intends to provide students with linguistic support.


POEME’s aspirations regarding students (12-18 years old) and language teachers are:

  • to acquire second language skills through familiarizing with European culture, thus feeling in more unity with their local peers and understanding their host country better;
  • to allow the language learning to be done through acknowledging cultural treasures, while using innovative, open source, inclusive digitized methodologies and material;
  • to learn how to use digital technologies to communicate knowledge, thus also contributing to the modernization of didactic models in language learning and adaptation to distance learning;
  • to equip students age 12-18 both local and immigrants and their educators with powerful tools on how to curate an exhibition; in this way migrants and native students will create collaborative frameworks while practicing language through the simultaneous acquisition of communications and transversal skills.
In terms of realisations, partners will be working on a website gathering all the resources produced in the 4 languages (French, English, Greek, Portuguese):

  1. E-Report based on a desktop analysis of previous research and projects
  2. 18 Worksheets about cultural heritage and intending to develop written language acquisition through meaningful tasks
  3. Animated e-books with graduation on language level acquisition.
  4. Explanatory sheet revealing step by step how an e-book can be developed through concrete examples, links, instructions and the e-books of this project as samples.
  5. Interactive e-guidebook for POEME exhibitions, where each section analyses what students are expected to do, some ideas and concrete examples as well as which skills they will train and develop.
  6. Samples of POEME blended learning exhibitions, including the blueprints and guidelines for each.
  7. School-wide digital or physical (blended learning) exhibitions across the countries of the partnership by at least 200 students
  8. “Digital Gallery” section of the POEME e-website on the 6 sample exhibitions and the 6 selected exhibitions of students.


Our partners in this project: