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The power of chatbots in vocational education, or how to alleviate student pressure and offer a more personalized learning experience


About the project

The emergence of social platforms has completely changed the way students of all ages study and the landscape of education.

The goal of this project is to design and test an innovative digital learning tool and methodology for VET education, then train trainers to use them to support their learning process. The trainers will be able to create their own chatbot in an already developed chatbot platform according to their needs. Indeed, this project will shed light on personalized learning. For example, some students learn faster than others, some are too afraid to ask certain questions in class, some may want additional information that was given in class, and so on. With the Tutor Chatbot, the students can learn at their own pace without feeling the pressure of not being good enough. The AI chatbot collects data on the student’s habits to create a personalized routine and satisfy his/her specific needs. This project is an innovative way to offer artificial intelligence and machine learning as conversational agents in multiple sectors.

Outcomes of the chatbot:

  • A guide to create chatbots
  • An online course dedicated to the creation of chatbots, for educators and VET centers
  • An educational chatbot
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