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Save & Game

It intends to educate young people in the fight against climate change by providing interactive tools and preparing them for a greener future.


About the project

In the face of continuous environmental emergencies and the insufficient measures of governments to guarantee a sustainable future, young people have taken centre stage in the fight against climate change. But how many young people in their daily lives know how to implement sustainable behaviours?

The Save&Game project aims to raise awareness and strengthen young people’s agency in the fight against climate change, providing interactive tools to prepare the citizens of tomorrow for a working world increasingly linked to the concept of green, blue and circular economy.

The Save&Game project proposes to act on this front, recovering the “game rules” established in the Earth Summit and making them the basis of an active learning experience based on gamification, in order to raise awareness among young people of environmental challenges and the value of co-responsibility, to strengthen the capacity of youth workers to talk to young people about sustainability, and to promote scientific citizenship and green skills among young people and youth workers, providing them interactive tools and knowledge on climate change.

Project Results:

  • A guide on sustainability and the fight against waste and inefficiencies in consumption.
  • Dissemination tools, printable or ready for sharing information to young people.
  • A Sustainability test to assess the “level of sustainability” of a citizen and/or community, that will allow you to quantify and identify the inefficiencies generated by wrong habits at home and/or in a community context.
  • An Eco-Anxiety test
  • 3 escape games, including 1 digital on basic scientific notions.
  • Database of useful tools to create your own Escape Game.
  • Database of best practices and 10 “action sheets” to reproduce good practices.

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