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Stembot helps you bring math and sciences to life by using a Chatbot (AI) to explore scientific topics through practical videos, lessons and more.


About the project

The STEMbot project intends to offer an inclusive and innovative way of learning and teaching, suitable for global challenges in todays’ world, that will help avoid the drop of interest for STEM subjects among students.

With the help of a chatbot, a computer programme using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can conduct conversations, students get access to videos of practical experiments and thus see how science works in the real world, instead of only on paper. Our methodology will integrate inclusive elements for disadvantaged learners, especially the ones with Specific Learning Disorders (such as dyslexia or dyscalculia).

Students will be able to chat with the chatbot at any given time and in any given place, be it at school or at home. The chatbot allows for more personalised and self-empowered learning as students will be able to ask questions and choose which subjects to work on.

Project results:

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