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Visit Math

It focuses on making STEAM subjects more accessible by creating real and virtual tours of European cities to discover and understand mathematics.


About the project

In the European education system, mathematics seems to be problematic. One of the key elements pointed by literature is that mathematics is presented as an isolated set of rules and procedures, disconnected from students’ real life. Therefore, it is recommended that multi-disciplinary activities should be integrated into the mathematical instruction using examples which activate the imagination while acquiring mathematical knowledge.  

Our project aims to make STEAM subjects more accessible to everyone, paying special attention to those students who typically feel less confident and engaged with sciences or mathematics, such as young girls, children with Specific Learning Disorder (SLD), pupils from migrant background, or any pupil facing difficulties in Mathematics and Science.

We propose thus to create real and virtual pedagogical tours of European cities, using architecture to discover and better understand mathematics by giving it a more concrete side. Not only this approach would allow pupils to discover the mathematics under a different angle but in addition, this interest of the architectural approach of the mathematics will highlight the cultural heritage of the European Union to the pupils, which will also strengthen European identity and awareness by highlighting its architectural richness and diversity.

All translated in 5 languages (EN, FR, IT, GR, PL).

  • 18 pedagogical tours of European cities, towns or monuments. Each tour will link a location of European architectural and cultural interest with one or several mathematics subjects/lessons.
  • 1 Europe map which pinpoints 30 locations (cities/towns/monuments) which are of architectural relevance and linked to mathematics introductory sheets.
  • 15 e-Books in which multimedia and pedagogical content will be integrated and which will be shaped in stories on mathematical subjects and lessons.

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