A glimpse into what Team of Art is going to look like

The Team of Art Project, which launched earlier this year, is making great stride towards an inclusive and accessible exhibition tailored to all types of learners, from various fields, with learning problems, disabilities, little to no knowledge of European culture and more.

With some of the most practical steps finished, such as the various requirements and specifications, we were able to move on to choosing the major themes that are going to be the overarching shadow of some of the artwork for this project.

Remember, European 2D art at the forefront of this inclusive exhibition means getting to know some of the most historical and most famous paintings. This exhibition will not be rooted in one specific genre, for example, a Museum of Modern Art, or a Antiquity Museum, but rather panel throughout a wide range of movement, painting styles, ideas and concept, which altogether, will allow the participants to brush up on his or her art knowledge more efficiently and in a more interactive fashion.

And today’s special article is there to showcase some of these themes!

Overall, 10 themes were chosen in a wide range of fields, which will include paintings from as early as the Antiquity period to more recent artwork.

Here is the list:

• Modernism

In various fields, modernism is considered like a break from the past, and strives to search new forms of expression. It’s current roots itself at the end of the 19th, and up to the mid-20th.

• The art of collage

Collage is a technique of cutting and pasting paper, fabrics, etc onto various surface. It can include painting and drawing as well and can contain 3D elements.

• Impressionism

Study of a Figure Outdoor : Woman with a Parasol – Claude Monet, 1886

Set in the early 19th, Impressionism is a movement which used small, thin brush strokes, open composition, ordinary subjects, movements and light as its key components. Popularized in France, impressionists created some of the most iconic paintings to this day.

• Color and Depth

The use of color in paintings is used not only for representation, but also to showcase emotions, create a mood and expression. Depth is considered the ‘building block’ of visual art. These two elements are essential to painting.

• Fairy Tales

Art can tell stories, and stories can be represented in art as well! This theme will underline some of the folklore, fairy tales and myths that we all know to this day.

• Pop Art

An Art Movement that started in the UK and the US in the mid to late 1950s, which challenged classic art by bringing images from popular and mass culture! Marylin is that you?

• Subjects

Girl with the pearl earring – J. Vermeer, 1665

With this section, we will cover the style of paintings, such as still lives, portraits, landscapes etc.

• Human Body

Painting humans exists since the early cave painting and has cross time over and over again.

• Antiquity

Antiquity is a period of history full of wonders, stories and myths. It was also a period of cultural expansion which inspired many movements. This overarching themes will cover some of its most interesting points.

• Fauvism

‘Les Fauves’ were a group of early 20th century artists whose works were describe by strong colors over representation of realistic values.

Woman with a hat – Henry Matisse, 1905

Altogether, these 10 themes will showcase some of the most famous artworks featured in museums around the world. More than a regular online exhibition, the Team of Art project aims to highlight these paintings through inclusive narratives and accessible terms and concepts. The exhibition in itself will be created in an Easy-to-read framework, so that anyone can access it. 

Keep up with the Team of Art news to bring Monet, Picasso, Vermeer, Matisse and many others to your classrooms!

Project website : team-of-art.eu/

  Follow the project on Facebook: @Logopsycom
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Our partners are Les Apprimeurs (France), My Artists (Greece), Associacio Programes Educatius Open Europe (Spain), “Microkosmos” Associazione Culturale Italo-Ellenica per la Formazione – (Italy) and European Development Foundation (Bulgaria) 


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