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ABIBooks brings together existing interactive books and others created by the partners to improve the basic skills of 0-8 year olds.


About the project

The acquisition of soft skills is crucial in the early stages of childhood (2 to 7 years old) as that is a key point in the pupil’s development. A lack of those skills may result in a pre-existing knowledge gap when the child arrives in primary school, leading to continued difficulties throughout their learning path.

Abibooks aims to increase those soft skills through a hands-on learning approach focused on the children’s experience, well-being, special needs, interests, and competences. This project will improve the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) systems and their collaboration with primary educators and parents by using ready-made interactive books. Furthermore, it will offer training material on interactive learning storytelling as pedagogical approaches in the child’s early education. Math and literacy will be the main focus, as these are the two basic competences that require a high level of proficiency for children to have a successful learning experience.

Project results:

  • An interactive library of 100 books and resources for basic skills acquisition
  • 15 interactive books based on the need of parents, professionals in ECEC and early primary educators
  • A supporting learners guide on interactivity and storytelling
  • An online training for parents and educators to create their own interactive material
  • A white paper gathering the educators and parent’s good practices and experiences with the project material
  • An implementation guide based on their invaluable input as the first users of all the project results

Articles about the project

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