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EduGraal aims to make homeworks more engaging by proposing 18 ready-to-use adventures, an e-learning module and a pedagogical toolbox.


About the project

School systems in Europe have a big homework culture, resulting in students having to spend most of their afterschool time completing it. Even though the impact of homework is mostly positive, some potential down sides can also be associated with it. A homework overload can lead to physical and emotional fatigue, fuel negative attitudes towards learning, as well as limit leisure time. In order to overcome this issue in a constructive way, we must work on how homework is done and improve its quality rather than suppress it.

Therefore, the Edugraal project offers a new format of homework using storytelling, gamification and game-based learning. This adventure homework format will present a series of tasks under the form of a story with different pathways, including in-story support of struggling learners. This will help re-engage the pupils and associate the concept of homework with something positive. In addition, it is proven that gamification and game-based learning have a higher rate of information retainment than classical learning techniques. This project will focus on one particular topic in order to provide the most accurate content possible: the STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

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