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GDL aims at fostering secondary school educators’ competences in gamification for an engaging, inclusive digital teaching and learning experience.


About the project

As we know, the sudden and vastly shift in digital learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on teaching and learning methods and consequences in delivering a high-quality education and innovative learning approaches. At the same time, student-learners are facing difficulties in maintaining their interest and motivation in learning under these circumstances. Gamification as a learning technique has been proven to do wonders in keeping the pupils engaged and competent. However, it is still quite unexplored and not integrated in digital learning settings. Furthermore, teachers are often not aware of where or how to find the available resources and tools to enhance digital gamification for education purposes, or don’t have the time. There is a need of teachers to be equipped with practical tools, guidelines, methodology and examples of good practice on gamification of digital learning, to be able to engage their students and implement an innovative pedagogy that fits their needs. This is what ‘Gamification of Digital Learning’ project is about.

The goal of the project is to foster secondary school teachers and educators’ competences in gamification for an engaging, inclusive and high-quality digital teaching and learning experience. By developing a methodology and giving practical examples and guidelines to support teachers in the use of gamified online practices, the project’s objective is to enable all students to participate, improve their skills and enjoy the learning process.

Project results:

  • A Compendium of Methods for Gamification in Digital Learning
  • A toolbox that gathers 40 currently available online resources, tools, platforms, and software that allow gamification and are recommended for teachers and educators.
  • An e-learning course for teachers and educators to train and support their competencies in gamification for online education.
  • 15 Pedagogical sequences providing pedagogical application and examples of lesson plans using gamification tools for online learning.
  •  30 Explanatory tools sheets

The results will be available in 6 languages ((EN, GR, RO, FR, IT and PL)

Articles about the project

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