The importance of customer feedback

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Receiving feedback time by time is very important to keep your motivation high, be updated about your client’s needs, and improve your personal and professional skills. Remember, if you are more effective in your job, your customers will be satisfied, which can cause a constantly growing client network.

It is more and more popular and widespread to give feedbacks on workplace. However, it is not that common with an entrepreneur or a freelancer, especially if they work remotely. Also, you can make a good expression on your clients, since it shows you would like to be more efficient in your work to make them more satisfied as a customer.

How to collect constructive feedback

In the beginning, due to the variety of options to collect feedback, you can easily get lost in details. Avoid being overwhelmed; here is some advice for you on how to do it!

1. Use open questions

The main goal is to collect as much information as possible. If you limit the answers to a yes/no question, your customers will feel you are not genuinely interested in their opinion.

2. Ask details

Formulating your opinion is always easier if the topic is specific. Ask about the details, not only a whole process or project.

3. Give options!

Even though your clients are willing to answer your questions, they appreciate doing it as quick as possible. Don’t be afraid to give them multiple choices or scales to support them in the process.

4. Reach them directly

When you directly ask someone’s opinion, you make them feel they are precious and fulfilling their needs is crucial for you. 

5. Use interesting ways

There are several different ways to collect the opinion of your customers. The more exciting and personal the way you collect feedback, the more your customers will want to respond. Be creative, use surveys or social media platforms, and search for good practices.

6. Learn from the feedback

Last but not least, it is essential to make changes according to the feedback. If your clients feel their opinion matters, they are more likely to respond next time.

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How to receive feedback effectively.

The constructiveness of feedback also depends on the receiverIt can be hard to hear you made a mistake or that you are supposed to change your attitude. But, don’t worry, making a mistake is one of the essential parts of the learning process! So here comes some advice to make it easier for yourself.

1. Time to learn

Consider it as a perfect opportunity to develop your personal or professional skills. 

2. Be open to advice!

Remember, this is all about supporting you, so take your time to think about it

3. Be honest with yourself

Everybody can make mistakes, and you are no exception. To be honest with yourself is the first step to doing better!

4. Find your way to make progress

It is your responsibility to find your way to support yourself during the learning process. 

5. Be kind to yourself

If the feedback is not constructive or friendly, try to change the tone of the conversation to a more assertive way. Assure your clients that you would like to learn about your mistakes, but you need their support to understand the situation better.

Don’t forget that only the one who does not work is not making mistakes.

This article has been written for our ErasmusPlus VAMOOC project.


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