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There is a wide range of gamification techniques, and they are highly adaptable, which makes them the perfect tools for students with Specific Learning
Have you ever roamed through the streets of your city and thought: “I wonder how many people know the history behind this secret pathway?”
Despite the Web being conceived as universal and accessible, there are still significant barriers existing today for its unhampered use, especially for certain categories
To define blended exhibitions, let’s start by defining the term “exhibition”. By “exhibition” we consider the “act of showing something, for example, works of
Global warming is one of the biggest threats that children have to face. How to educate them about it without causing too much anxiety?
With every student having a microcomputer in their pocket, the question no longer is “Should we use technology in education?” but “How to do
People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have special educational needs (SEN) that until recently were only addressed through traditional methodology. Nevertheless, with the evolution
In our world of digitalization, almost everyone has come into contact with chatbots at some point. Whether it's chatting with a customer service representative,
Historically, numeracy has tended to be overlooked in adult education, especially compared to literacy (Tout, 2020: 1). Nevertheless, in the last decades, there has
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