Bibliodos first’s eBooks are now available!

The new year brings not only excitement into our lives, but good news as well: Bibliodos is growing well!

As a reminder, Bibliodos is an Erasmus + funded project which aims to offer refugees, low-skilled adults or people with disabilities the tools to learn European languages, fostering the development of reading skills and the possibility to discover European heritage by linking classic literature and artistic works. You can dive more into the specifics and objectives of the project by reading some of our articles, such as ‘Challenges of cultural identity development’ or ‘Classic literature is timeless’.

With this objective in mind, the Bibliodos team has not been wasting its time and has produced over the past few months not one or two but five new eBooks in the first European digital library!

Here are the eBooks available to you as of January 8th, 2021:

Bel Ami – Guy de Maupassant

The story of George Duroy, a young and ambition man in search of power and wealth. Follow him as he climbs the ladder of Parisian society through marriage and schemes! This classic French tale depicts the ‘realist’ literary and artistic movement of the 19th century. Maupassant in his novels addresses key themes such as human morals, but also the written press’s influence over government and more.

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

Dive into the world of Elizabeth Bennet, a young and witty woman, and her family as they travel through the meanders of good society, manners, wealth and relationship. This classic British novel written by a woman in the early 19th century is a masterpiece of the ‘social realism’ genre and addresses issues relevant to this day in regard to classes and status.

Gulliver’s travel – Jonathan Swift

Who doesn’t love a good adventure? Gulliver, himself is fond of them. During one his journeys, his ship sinks, finding himself stranded on the shore of the unknown island of Liliput. Will he ever manage to come home? As one of the books that gave birth to the novel form, Gulliver’s travel is a giant in British Literature.

The frog who wished to be as big as the ox – Jean de la Fontaine

A short and simple tale of a frog, his vanity and his desire to be as big as an ox. Jean de la Fontaine’s famous fables are a staple of French literature. Behind an almost innocent story, de la Fontaine tells the story of human vanity, a satire of the bourgeois and nobles, always wanting more than they already have.

Odysseus and the Lotus eaters – Homer

One of the many stops on Odysseus journey, this excerpt of the epic poem that is the Odyssey tells the story of the few men that preferred to forget rather than continue a voyage filled with hardship. As one of the oldest existent works of literature still read by contemporary audience, this Greek story is timeless.

All eBooks are available in three different reading levels. The level 1 and 2 offer key words, and short simple sentences, supported by striking visual to help understand the story. Level 3 is text based and  allows for more advanced readers to engage with some additional details of the stories.

The eBooks are supported not only by the artworks of great European painters and illustrators, but also by audio files. Listening to the audio for levels 1 and 2 can be crucial for participants with low to no reading skills. The audio is available in its entirety and sequenced with the relevant sentences and images of each page of the eBook.

These sound logos are displayed beside each page of the eBook, so the participant can follow along the story while reading.

Furthermore, a comprehensive pedagogical dossier for each eBook is also now available, which will cover the historical and political context of the story, but most importantly provides comprehensive activities to approach the reading from beginning to end, tailored to our target audience! It aims to facilitate the design of workshops to discover the digital books of the Bibliodos project.

Finally, because inclusion is the ultimate goal in this endeavor, you will also soon be able to find some of the eBooks available in International Signs! You can already follow Bel Ami on the project’s website, but fear not, more videos are coming!

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