Flash Mind allows you to use and create interactive materials!

As you have probably already seen in our previous articles, Flash Mind is an online platform where you can use and create interactive learning paths and flashcards. Many lessons on Science, Math and Reading are available in the Flash Mind platform together with their flashcards’ packs. These fabulous memorization tools relate two pieces of information on the front and the back of a card.

Why interactive learning paths and flashcards are useful?

Whereas in traditional education pupils receive information in a ‘passive’ way, interactive lessons and flashcards represent an excellent method to learn and memorize more actively.

Flash Mind is based on the idea that visual pedagogy is highly efficient since people can better understand and remember information if several senses are involved in the process of knowledge acquisition. In addition, visual and interactive pedagogy is suitable for visual learners and students with specific learning disorders (SLDs) improve their comprehension and process information faster, thus, increase their motivation.

What functionalities can be generated in the Flash Mind platform?

In general, learning is much more fun if we can interact and visualise the information that we are receiving. That is the reason why the slides of Flash Mind’s lessons are available in different shapes and allow users to learn in a more engaging way. Some of the interactive options and functionalities that we can find in the platform are described below.


Most of the slides contain a short explanation that will always be supported by an image that helps learners understand the studied concept and remember it more easily.


Also, we can find videos that clarify or expose a subject. Brief videos and audios are always a good tool since the information is provided in a more dynamic and entertaining way for students.


This interactive option consists of making the learner choose the right image. We can illustrate ideas that we explained in previous slides and check if the user understood them properly. This functionality also allows assessing if the student can use the knowledge recently received.


With this interaction, learners can test themselves and see if they can correctly spell a word, recognise an object/image, solve a Math operation or simply recall concepts that appeared in previous slides.


Geopositioning is an original way of showing information since the user needs to slide the mouse on different spots of the image to find out their name or function.


Flash Mind allows also creating multiple-choice slides where students can check if they understood and memorized ideas of the lesson by replying to the given questions.

Finally, the platform gives the option to add slides that lead the users:

  1. To a set of flashcards that gather information and will help them to memorize the provided knowledge;
  2. To the following lesson to keep enjoying and learning with a new learning path.

If you want to try all these original interactions for your class or to review your lessons, click here to visit the Flash Mind platform and… start learning while having fun!

Flashmind website : https://flashmind.eu/#/
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In collaboration with: Edulog, Les Apprimeurs, European Education & Learning Institute, Euphoria, Universitatea din Pitesti


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