ERSE: Our 12 escape games are available, it’s time to play!

The ERSE project, which consists of developing escape games to promote social entrepreneurship among future generations, is coming to an end.

It has been a great adventure that has lasted two years, but everything is not quite finished yet and above all you will finally be able to test the scenarios yourself.

Indeed, you can now visit the project website and discover the scenarios we have been working on for a year.

For each escape game we provide you with :

Pedagogical objectives:

We have developed 12 escape games (3 per partner). Each of these escape games aims to tackle in a playful way a theme related to social entrepreneurship. The topics covered are very broad and diversified: the importance of the business plan, financing projects with participatory financing, governance methods, preservation of natural resources, waste management, the circular economy, the European Commission’s Horizons 2020 objectives and many others.

For this first stage, the partners focused their attention on the functioning of some social and solidarity enterprises such as cooperatives, associations, mutuals, but also to learn how and by whom they were created and what they offer innovative in their sector, how they adapt, etc.

To do this, participants were inspired by the companies and entrepreneurs in their respective countries and regions, as well as by the annual ranking of the ’30 under 30′ by Forbes magazine (i.e. entrepreneurs who are under 30 years old and are at the initiative of creating a social enterprise).

The partners were also led to look at the winners of the Chivas Venture awards, which annually funds and mentors entrepreneurs who use businesses to tackle the world’s biggest social and environmental problems.

On each page you will find a description of the educational objectives and topics covered during the game session.

Presentation video:

To immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game, you can watch the game trailer, (developed with the online tool Voki).
They allow to immediately immerse the players by giving them the context, the plot and make them feel the urgency of the situation.

These trailers also avoid reading the scenario or the context which can be difficult or laborious for participants with learning disabilities.

The scenario:

We also suggest that instructors read the game script so that they can judge whether the proposed theme, atmosphere and plot match their needs and expectations.

Overview of the game space:

As our escape games are developed to be adaptable and set up in any type of location, we have developed 360° views.
The objective of these 360° videos is to give an overview of the room, how it can be arranged and what it contains: the clues, the puzzles. These views can help the people who are going to install the room to understand more or less the atmosphere that must reign in order to optimize the game experience to the maximum.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, if you consider that this escape game corresponds to your needs and that you wish to test it, you will find the necessary resources for its installation, i.e. :

  • An installation guide that describes point by point:
    • The riddles/clues of the game, how to make/print them, where to hide them and especially how to solve them
    • The game sequence and all the steps from start to finish
    • The pedagogical objectives, the resources and how to make the most of them
    • Rules, instructions and tips to follow when setting up and playing an escape game
    • The role of the game master and the clues he/she can give according to the participants’ needs
    • The introduction and debriefing sessions which are essential moments of an escape game if you want to optimize the experience on an educational and emotional level.
  • A document containing all the graphic resources of the riddles and clues to be printed.

Everything has been grouped together in a single PDF document to be downloaded and printed (in A4 – unless otherwise indicated in the installation guide)

If you wish to have our feedback on a given scenario, you can view the videos available on our YouTube channel.

Now you know everything, all you have to do is choose the escape game you want to play, follow the instructions in the guide and install your game.
We hope that your sessions will be fun, instructive and will leave you with good memories and new knowledge about social entrepreneurship.

To explore the scenarios, follow this link:


Keep in touch with the progress of the project:

Visit the project’s website
  Follow the project on Facebook: @ERSEproject

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In collaboration with: Les Apprimeurs, Citizens in Power, CitadaSkola, Work in Progress and St Kliment Ohridski


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