SpeakER: New resources to explore!

Our SpeakER project is moving forward and we already have some resources to show for it! Our booklet called “ER and languages: a perfect match” is now available on our website in all 6 languages of the project. It explains what gamification is, what advantages escape rooms (ER) can bring to the language course to work on specific skills, examples of escape rooms around the EU, an explanation of the interdisciplinary approach, and how to use escape rooms with students who have special educational needs. This booklet will show you how beneficial this type of activities can be if implemented correctly and inclusively in a language course. You can find it at this link. Enjoy your reading!

What happens next?

After creating this booklet, we have also started the creation of two new sets of resources! Let’s discover them together:

The creation box:

Did you know that there are tons of physical, online, and digital tools you can use to create your enigmas for your escape room? We have developed a creation box gathering some ideas and tips for you to create your own pedagogical escape rooms! You will soon discover the list of tools, resources, and inspirations for language learning escape games, that we developed in the past few months.

These sheets will contain different types of content:

  • The tool sheets present some useful tools for escape room creation, such as QR codes, chatbots, or symbol substitution.
  • The resource sheets give some tips and tricks for the creation of an efficient escape game for language learning.
  • The inspiration sheets offer an insight into some existing examples and explain how they can be an interesting source of inspiration for ER creation, especially for a language learning course.

All of these will be uploaded on the website very soon, for you to discover the mechanisms behind ER creation. We can’t wait to share them with you and see how you use them to develop your own content!

The collection of enigmas:

Are you wondering what an enigma should look like? Or would you like to have ready-made content to gain time when creating your escape room? We got you covered! We are now starting a more challenging task: the creation of our own collection of enigmas targeted specifically at language learning. The first set will be for EFL courses, while during the summer we will develop more enigmas in several other languages! All these enigmas will be focused on specific language learning levels, objectives, skills and topics. They will be uploaded on the website as a database of usable enigmas for you to combine and adapt to your own objectives when creating a pedagogical escape room for your pupils.

Do these resources sound interesting to you? Do you wish to participate in our testing phase in Spring 2022? Stay tuned to access our latest news and discover more engaging content for language learning!

Project website: speakerproject.eu

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Our partners in this project are: YuzuPulse, Babel Idioma y Cultura, Colegiul National “Doamna Stanca”, Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Western Macedonia, and Srednja skola za informacione tehnologije


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