SteamER: Time to STEAM up those screens!

If you have been following the project, we have exciting news for you! And if you are joining us now, welcome on board!

First, a small reminder if you do not know our project yet: STEAMER is a Erasmus+ project that has the ambition to use, adapt and help create Escape Rooms in order to support the teaching of STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts) and Mathematics) to children from 12 to 18 years old, with a special attention allotted to children with Specific Learning Disorders. It involves the collaboration of partners from 6 European countries: Bulgaria, Latvia, Italy, Cyprus, France and Belgium.

Now, what does this project entail in practice?

In order to achieve these goals, the project partners are currently developing:

  • A digital pedagogical guide available in 6 languages entitled “Escape Rooms For Education”
  • A digital creation guide available in 6 languages entitled “How To Create Pedagogical Escape Rooms?”
  • An online training course module to learn how to create Pedagogical Escape rooms from scratch
  • 15 lessons packages integrating lessons and escape rooms within the lessons
  • An “Escape Classroom Generator” to support the teachers in the creation of new escape rooms with 400 synopsis, tools, advices, and recommendations
  • 10 best practices with descriptions of the implementation of an ER the classroom and/or its creation

So, what is new with the STEAMER project?

You can already find our first version of the Pedagogical guide on the project website! The Digital Creation guide is freshly finished and translated and will soon follow on the website so, feel free to go and check them out!

But we also have exciting news! From the 22nd of February 2021 we will have the pleasure to test out our first version of the eLearning Module!!

What is this eLearning Module you will ask?

It is an online learning module worth 1 ECVET point (the European point system for learning certification) to learn how to create a pedagogical Escape Room from scratch, including scenario creation, props, digital tools, sound, visuals creations, etc.

The information will include a theoretical basis of course, but supported with interactive presentations, video tutorials, infographics, and exercises to help you in the creation process step by step. It will be composed of 25 learning grains (units) covering all subjects of interest. From fixing the pedagogical objectives and writing the scenario, to using different tools to create interesting puzzles, but also how to create simple augmented reality props, visuals, atmosphere music, etc.

Would you like to check out what we have been creating and to be a part of this creative adventure with us? We are looking for teachers and educators who would like to try it out and give us feedback on the eLearning Module in order to tailor this Module to your needs and interests as much as possible!

If you are interested in the testing of the eLearning platform, please join us! You can subscribe by clicking the button below. Your input will be most valuable!

Follow us on Facebook and stay tuned 😉

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In collaboration with: Les Apprimeurs, Citizens in Power, CitadaSkola, Work in Progress & St Kliment Ohridski


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