45 ready-to-use lessons : available soon!

EdComix is one of the projects in which Logopsycom participates and is funded by Erasmus+. If you have read our previous articles, you probably know that its objective is to provide free, ready-to-use teaching material using comics as a tool to teach English.

Some materials like a Pedagogical guide on the practical uses of comics in education, a digital comics creation guide for teachers and an e-learning module on comics creation for teachers are already available. And soon, 45 lessons giving practical examples of pedagogical comics will be released!

These English lessons target learners at A2 and B1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and help students learn and practice grammar, vocabulary and general knowledge by using comics. These activities cover a large variety of interesting topics like planets, stories and legends, bullying, environment, art… and many more!

In this article, we will present the structure and objectives of these lessons but also the different goals and usages you can give them.

First of all, we can find a brief introduction to the topic followed by “section 1”, which is the part that contains the basic information about the lesson: activity title, subject, level, timing, summary… this part is very relevant since it helps users to quickly identify if this content is interesting for them and teachers to make an easy selection of materials in line with their class objectives.  

“Section 2” is the main part of the lesson; it describes the scenario from the beginning to the end of the session which is usually organized in three main parts: opening (or present), body (or practice) and closing (or produce). In general, teachers will find ideas to introduce the topic they will work on and after, some grammar contents to be presented to their students. The explanations are always followed by exercises, activities or interactions where learners can apply the knowledge they just received. Teachers will find all the solutions to the questions and activities in this part. In many of the lessons, there is a worksheet for students ready to be shared or printed.

Pre-activity – instructions for the teacher

Opening – instructions for the teacher

Body – instructions for the teacher

Worksheet – for students

The objective of “section 3” – Assessment and Evaluation – is to help the teacher understand whether the goals of the lesson have been met. It can range from self-evaluation to exercises. This assessment has multiple options since it can be done and corrected during the session or to do individually as homework.

Finally, there is a facultative “section 4” titled: Modification and Differentiation ideas. This part usually includes an idea about how you can differentiate the lesson for students who end up finding the lesson too easy or too difficult. It could be an additional easier or more difficult exercise for them and also it can provide with ideas of variations or further exercises on the topic.

Every lesson contains at least two comic sources that can be used for different purposes: sometimes they can be presented as a pre-teaching activity, other times as the evaluation or even as the text or main activity.

As we said at the beginning, these materials are ready to be used, however, due to their versatility, they can be modified and adapted to different contexts and goals depending on the needs of the class. They can also represent a great source of inspiration to give students a more dynamic and interactive learning experience.

If you want to know more about this project and all the resources available, do not hesitate to visit the EdComix website. If you decided to try our materials out, please give us some feedback through the following questionnaire, your opinion is essential to help us keep creating free quality materials!

Project website : www.edcomix.eu
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