Innovative approach to math learning: Math & Move Story

One of the biggest problems of many pupils, not only those with ADHD, often is to stay in the same position through the whole lesson. But what if they could learn through movement? Get to know our new project to see that it is possible.

Humans need the whole body to learn

Thinking, of course, happens in the head, but this process is not really separated from other body parts. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen’s proved it, when they added kinesthetic approaches to the math class. They found out that children learn more if they move and use the whole body to learn. Children whose class instruction included body activity performed best and presented twice as much improvement as the control group. This contradicts popular opinion that children should straight all the time to stay concentrated and allows us to create new, wonderful methods of teaching.

This is why we want to introduce you our new project: Math & Move Story. The main goal of it is to raise interest and motivation towards mathematics among learners from 6 to 9. We want to create methods that engage students through the use of kinesthetic techniques. We hope this will help them to understand the abstract mathematical concepts.

First, we will create a pedagogical framework that will help to set up the base of knowledge of the teachers. Then, a methodology helping to integrate how movement and mathematical learning are linked and how we can benefit from it while creating lessons. From the material made during the project we will create E-books gathering lessons linked to movement, practice sheets, exemplifying videos and other complimentary elements.

All resources will be adapted to a diverse range of learners. The lessons will present recommendations and adaptations of movements for SLD. The project will encourage different types of intelligence, not only mathematical but also kinesthetic and spacial. It will create a stress-free environment for students affected with maths anxiety by appreciating their various talents, not necessarily connected to science.

More information on Math&Move Story will be provided soon. If you do not want to miss it you can subscribe to our newsletter or regularly visit our blog.


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